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Here's how the future of computing went this week: Deepmind takes a step toward AI systems that could test how humans learn. Magic Leap 2 hits the market at the end of September.


Deepmind PLATO: Disappointed expectations and their relevance to physics

Artificial intelligence has cracked numerous benchmarks and conquered domains of human intelligence recently thanks to advances in hardware, network architectures and methods. However, despite successes such as AlphaGo, AlphaFold, GPT-3, and DALL-E 2, there is still a lack of what is often referred to as common sense.

Deepmind now demonstrates an AI system that learns intuitive physics. The team was inspired by insights from developmental psychology.

BLOOM - Open-Source Alternative to GPT-3 launches

Big language models are among the most successful AI technologies of recent years: large US companies such as OpenAI, Google, Nvidia or Meta use them for their products or to sell access. BigScience Bloom launches a new GPT-3 competitor that is much more than just another big language model.


Magic Leap 2 arrives in September

Magic Leap 2 will be a new beginning for the company of the same name: Significantly better hardware and a focus on the industry are to advance augmented reality in companies. Magic Leap 2 will be launched in three price classes at the end of September.

Apple's RoomPlan interface in action

E-commerce company Shopify demonstrates an interior design "reset button" based on Apple's Roomplan API. A future use case for the Apple headset?

Das E-Commerce-Unternehmen Shopify demonstriert einen
Image: Russ Maschmeyer / Shopify

Wireless adapter announced for Valve Index

Valve Index has a few years under its belt. Start-up Nofio nevertheless wants to launch a wireless adapter for Valve Index. Pre-orders will start soon.

VR guide for beginners and the curious

What is Virtual Reality? What VR headsets are out there? How does tracking work? We answer these and other questions in our VR guide for beginners. While we're at it: Also check out our guide on VR PC system requirements and our detailed article on the history of virtual reality from its beginnings to today.

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