Ioannis Antonoglou, a former AI researcher at Google DeepMind, has departed the company to launch an AI agent startup with two former colleagues, Sherjil Ozair and Misha Laskin, The Information reports. The trio has begun fundraising for their venture, which could potentially compete with startups like Adept and Imbue in the AI agent field. AI agents use technology similar to conversational AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, to perform complex tasks like booking flights or researching business competitors. According to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, this is a direction Google is also exploring with its Bard chatbot. For Google Deepmind, it's another high-profile AI departure. Recently, three researchers left the company to start a generative AI lab for images and music. Other AI startups led by Google alumni include Character AI, MistralSakana AI, and Reka AI.

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