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  • Larry Feinberg is back and hopefully is less transphobic.

Update from March 11, 2023:

"Watchmeforever" is back on Twitch since March 8th with a few changes. The most significant change is the switch to GPT 3.5, which, according to Mismatch Media, allows for more flexibility in prompts and more consistency in dialog within a scene.

To ensure that the language model does not again violate Twitch's content guidelines, Mismatch Media has added content moderation and an audit view. According to Mismatch Media, there have been no further flags since this change.

In addition, Mismatch Media added the restaurant from the TV show and updated the characters and apartment. The startup aims to make money with a platform that makes the generative AI technologies it uses available to creators without programming skills.


The Seinfeld show is running on Twitch. At the time of writing, it has about 200,000 followers and about 1,000 to 1,500 concurrent viewers.

Original article from February 6, 2023:

AI Seinfeld show banned on Twitch for transphobic comments

Transphobic comments lead to Larry Feinberg's downfall on Twitch. According to the host, the reason for Feinberg's bias is an outdated OpenAI language model without a functioning moderation system.

Since mid-December 2022, the small media group Mismatch Media has been running one of the most unusual shows on Twitch (and that's saying something): Using AI tools like DALL-E, GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, and more, Mismatch Media broadcasts an AI-generated show inspired by the popular U.S. sitcom "Seinfeld" every day, around the clock. "Nothing, Forever" is the name the team has given to their art project.

The AI-generated content is stitched together in the Unity engine to create an audiovisual pixel show reminiscent of early '90s video games. The jokes rarely have punchlines, the conversations are empty and incoherent, and the audience's fake applause starts in the wrong places.


Simply put, it's the perfect mix for a viral Internet hit. About 10,000 users recently tuned in permanently, and the number is growing. The show's creators make money from merchandising, among other things.

AI Seinfeld on Twitch falls victim to the worst kind of AI bias

Mismatch Media wanted to broadcast 365 days a year. But that's not going to happen. The AI-generated Jerry Seinfeld, aka Larry Feinberg, slipped out a transphobic comment during a stand-up routine: transgender is "a mental illness" and is ruining society, Feinberg said. Liberals are "secretly gay" and impose their will on others. Twitch "temporarily" suspended the show.

Speaking to Kotaku, co-creator Skyler Hartle apologized for the outbursts of his AI Seinfeld. He said they were "super embarrassing" and did not reflect Mismatch Media's values.

Mismatch Media, Hartle said, had mistakenly assumed it was using an OpenAI moderation system correctly. A new version of the Seinfeld show is scheduled to come back online with safer content moderation.

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"We thought we had solved for this problem—we use a built-in content moderation system provided by OpenAI—but clearly we hadn’t," Hartle said.

Specifically, Mismatch Media switched from OpenAI's GPT-3 Davinci model, which also powers ChatGPT, to the less secure Curie model, Davinci's predecessor, due to a technical issue. The moderation systems of the Davinci model do not seem to be compatible with Curie, according to the makers. They don't want to use Curie as a fallback model anymore.

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  • Larry Feinberg on Twitch is history - for now.
  • The reason is transphobic remarks made by the Seinfeld AI clone, who has enjoyed some success on Twitch recently.
  • The creators of the automated AI art show say they made a technical error that caused the remarks to be generated in the first place and then remain unmoderated.
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