Microsoft founder Bill Gates is not worried about the rising electricity consumption caused by AI applications. Speaking at an event in London, Gates said that AI will ultimately help reduce energy consumption and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy sources. According to Gates, data centers would only cause an additional 6 percent of electricity consumption in the worst case, but more likely just 2 to 2.5 percent. "The question is, will AI accelerate a more than 6 percent reduction? And the answer is: certainly," he said. Gates also believes that the increasing demand for electricity will lead to new investments in green energy, as technology companies are willing to pay more for green electricity "to say that they're using green energy." However, studies by Goldman Sachs and the Electric Power Research Institute predict that data centers could account for up to 9 percent of U.S. electricity consumption by 2030. Critics worry that the AI boom could increase the use of fossil fuels.

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Max is managing editor at THE DECODER. As a trained philosopher, he deals with consciousness, AI, and the question of whether machines can really think or just pretend to.
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