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A look back at the computer future: Pico competes with Quest 2, OpenAI's DALL-E 2 continues to be a talking point, and Apple's headset could become an office monster.


DALL-E 2 becomes safer - Google steps up competition

OpenAI continues to work on the security of DALL-E 2, which it has now improved so much that the system is allowed to generate faces. A photographer shows that DALL-E can also do photo editing.

DALL-E 2 can create photorealistic images or fix flaws on photos. | Bild: Nicholas Sherlock via Micael Widell / DALL-E 2

Meanwhile, it's becoming apparent that DALL-E 2 could face some serious competition. Simpler image AI systems like Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini) and Midjourney are already (partially) available. Google has two models on the market, Imagen and Parti, which should even surpass DALL-E 2.

An extraordinary device demonstrates Meta's hardware transformation

Meta wants to develop the perfect VR headset for 100-percent-realistic virtual reality optics. To that end, Meta's engineers built an extraordinary optics simulator specifically to accelerate lens research. Few devices represent Meta's stark transformation as much as this extraordinary research hardware.


Unity and Niantic lay off hundreds of employees

The economy is getting rougher. That's currently hitting investment-heavy, growth-focused ventures in the tech sector and companies with little or no profitability - like Niantic and Unity. Nevertheless, the business continues: Niantic announced a new AR game. In NBA All World, you collect basketball stars instead of Pokémon.

Mojo Vision launches with user tests

AR contact lens startup Mojo Vision continues to strive toward its big goal: The CEO himself put the first feature-complete prototype of the Mojo Lens in his eye this week. The lens is expected to hit the market as a product in the next five years.

Ein Mann trägt eine Mojo Lens im Auge, man sieht sein Auge in der Nahaufnahme.
Mojo Vision launches internal testing for its Mojo Lens AR contact lens. | Image: Mojo Vision

Apple headset to come with M2 chip

Apple's XR headset could go the extra mile compared to current headsets: The headset is said to have 16 GB of RAM and a new M2 processor, so it would be well-equipped for an office offensive.

New features for Meta Quest 2

The currently most popular VR headset on the market gets two new features: Video recording in 16:9 up to 4K and 3D movies in the VR Video Store.

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