OpenAI will release an "amazing model" this year, according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The name has not yet been decided, says Altman in the latest Lex Fridman podcast. Recently, a GPT-4.5 landing page was briefly indexed by search engines before being removed. Until the new model arrives, Altman says OpenAI plans to release "many different things" and "other important things" before it can talk about GPT-5 - one of those releases could be the Sora video model, also announced for 2024. When asked by Fridman, Altman declined to comment on the Q* project, which has been hyped as an AI breakthrough. However, he does confirm that Q* is related to logic and that this is an unsolved problem. Altman also said that he thinks GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-4 "kind of suck", and that the jump from GPT-4 to GPT-5 could be as big as the jump from GPT-3 to GPT-4. Ilya is fine, and he hasn't seen AGI, Altman said.

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