According to a recent survey conducted by ZoomRx, two-thirds of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies prohibit their employees from using ChatGPT due to security concerns regarding sensitive internal data. Nevertheless, many life sciences professionals use ChatGPT regularly, even though 83 percent say the technology is "overrated." Despite the potential for increased efficiency and effectiveness through the use of AI in drug development, the majority of pharmaceutical companies are cautious about the technology due to security risks. Most companies see AI primarily as a means to reduce costs, while concerns about data security and privacy remain. But there are exceptions. According to OpenAI, Moderna is using ChatGPT in a pilot project called Dose ID to analyze and visualize large data sets and determine the optimal vaccine dose.

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Online journalist Matthias is the co-founder and publisher of THE DECODER. He believes that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the relationship between humans and computers.
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