Perplexity, an AI search company, has launched Pages, a new tool that makes it easy to create structured, AI-generated web pages based on a Perplexity "search". With Pages, users can create, organize and share articles, reports or how-to guides. Content created with the tool can be added to the Perplexity library and shared with the community. But Pages also show up on Google, adding more AI spam to search results that are already cluttered with AI. Perplexity says the tool is for creative people of all backgrounds, such as teachers who want to create learning materials, researchers who aim to make their reports easier to read, or hobbyists who simply wish to share what they love. The feature is supposedly designed to make sharing knowledge easier. But as with all LLM-based tools, the results can be false or inaccurate. There are also legal issues, as Perplexity rewrites text from third-party sites to create its own without permission. The AI models used were also trained on unlicensed content.

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