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Spanish AI startup Magnific AI has launched a new feature called "Relight," which allows users to change the lighting and background of images using AI. The technology could make it easier to create realistic and varied scenes with a main subject.


Magnific AI, which joined Freepik in May, has developed Relight to allow users to modify image lighting and optionally change backgrounds using AI prompts.

Users can control lighting adjustments through text prompts like "change the lighting to sci-fi neon green," by providing a reference image, or by creating a custom light map. A demo of all three prompts is available here.

Image: LysonOber via X

According to Magnific AI co-founder Javi Lopez, Relight works on characters, landscapes, backgrounds, and "any type of image."

Image: Javi Lopez via X

Beta users have shared numerous examples on X, showcasing the technology's potential.

Image: Julie W. Design via X

Lopez acknowledges some current limitations. When images contain multiple people or small faces, unwanted facial changes can occur. He notes this issue is "difficult to fix," but Relight performs well for standard portraits. There are also some inaccuracies in precisely matching new lighting to a scene compared to the original lighting.

The new feature could be particularly useful in commercial photography, allowing products to be easily placed in different environments. While such image manipulation was possible before AI, Relight can significantly speed up the process and make it accessible to non-experts.

Video: Dogan Ural via X

Relight is currently in a short beta test and should be available to all Magnific AI accounts next week. The company, which initially focused on AI-based image upscaling, continues to expand its toolkit with additional AI image features.

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  • The Magnific AI image tool has introduced a new feature called Relight, which can change the lighting in images and realistically place characters in new environments by changing the background at the same time.
  • The new lighting is implemented using a text prompt, a reference image, or a custom lighting map. The tool has particular potential in advertising photography, where products can be moved to different locations with little effort.
  • After a short beta test, Relight will be activated for all users next week. The feature isn't perfect yet, especially when there are multiple people or small faces in the picture.
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