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OpenAI is making waves with its AI video generator Sora. Ahead of its release, the AI company is seeking partnerships with Hollywood, reports Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources familiar with the meetings.


According to the insiders, OpenAI is meeting with film studios, media executives and talent agencies in Los Angeles to forge partnerships in the entertainment industry and encourage filmmakers to incorporate its new AI video generator, Sora, into their work.

The upcoming meetings are just the latest round of OpenAI outreach in recent weeks, according to insiders. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has also reportedly been making the rounds at Oscar parties in Los Angeles.

At the end of February, OpenAI, led by Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap, organized initial talks in Hollywood to demonstrate Sora's capabilities. The video generator can produce coherent videos up to one minute in length. Sora is not yet publicly available, but OpenAI has already granted access to some well-known actors and directors.


OpenAI commented on the rumors as follows: "OpenAI has a deliberate strategy of working in collaboration with industry through a process of iterative deployment – rolling out AI advances in phases – in order to ensure safe implementation and to give people an idea of what’s on the horizon. We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with artists and creatives."

AI in Hollywood is the same old story of opportunity and threat

The emergence of generative AI services that can quickly generate text, images, audio, and increasingly short video opens up new possibilities for content production in all fields.

But the technology also raises fears that it could rob creators - from illustrators to voice actors - of their livelihoods. Last year, this led to a strike by screenwriters and actors.

Their unions were able to push through some protective measures for the use of AI in the entertainment industry, but only for the next three years. U.S. actor Tyler Perry has said he halted a planned $800 million expansion of his studio after seeing Sora.

OpenAI's Sora is still in the research phase, according to the company, but is expected to hit the market this year.


"A lot of people working on AI pretend that it’s only going to be good; it’s only going to be a supplement; no one is ever going to be replaced. Jobs are definitely going to go away, full stop," said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in summer 2023. He confirmed this statement in January 2024.

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  • OpenAI is meeting with Hollywood representatives to build partnerships and encourage filmmakers to use its AI video generator, Sora, which can produce connected videos of up to one minute in length.
  • Sora is not yet publicly available, but well-known actors and directors have been granted access. The company plans to launch Sora later this year.
  • The introduction of generative AI services offers new possibilities for content production, but also raises concerns about the impact on creative professions such as screenwriters and voice actors.
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