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A look back at the computer future: Admittedly, virtual reality trips are overhyped. But: they are nowhere near as overhyped as the Metaverse! So, let's have some fun.


Traveling more beautifully in virtual reality

Eine Hintergasse in Tokio.
Image: Othersight / MIXED (Screenshot)

And anyway, overhyped doesn't equal bad. With VR goggles on your head, you can take great tours to the remotest corners of the world in minutes, which you probably wouldn't visit in reality anyway due to time, cost and safety reasons. Of course, such a VR trip does not replace reality, nor should it, but it can be entertaining and educational and make you want more. That's why we're introducing you to a few interesting VR travel apps this week.

>> Traveling in Virtual Reality: The Best Photorealistic Destinations

Future of computers now!

?? Josef VR-sweats on
??‍♂️ Hypernetworks: How AI Builds Itself
?? Do we want to live in the metaverse?
?? Three major challenges in AI research
?? Developer popularity: Sony catches up with Quest


? of the week: Magic Leap 2 could be really good

Image: Magic Leap

Have you already written off Magic Leap because of unfulfilled flying whale dreams? That would be a shame because Magic Leap 2 could be a really fine piece of AR glasses technology.

>> First tech details about Magic Leap 2

A bit of sci-fi to finish

Der afro-futuristische Sci-Fi-Film
Image: Sundance Institute / 500 Broadway Productions

There's plenty of new sci-fi fodder at the Sundance Film Festival. Six films we find particularly interesting.

>> Future sci-fi movies for your watchlist

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