According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is working to bring Apple Intelligence to the Vision Pro headset. One challenge is to optimize the features for mixed reality. The AI features will not be released for the Vision Pro until next year - Apple Intelligence will launch on all other supported devices in the fall. By then, Gurman expects a deal with Google or Anthropic to support additional AI models. Longer term, he speculates, the company may be planning a monthly subscription service like "Apple Intelligence+" that offers additional features to monetize the technology. Apple already takes a cut of subscription revenue from any AI partner it brings on board. "The company will be less reliant on hardware tweaks to drive its business and will actually be making money from AI — something everyone in Silicon Valley is hoping to pull off," Gurman says.

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Max is managing editor at THE DECODER. As a trained philosopher, he deals with consciousness, AI, and the question of whether machines can really think or just pretend to.
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