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According to a report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple plans to reveal AI features for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac at its WWDC event on Monday. Apple calls its new AI system "Apple Intelligence."

The AI news is expected to take up about half of the two-hour keynote. Apple wants to add the technology to as many of its apps as possible, with a focus on making things easier for users, Gurman reports.

Planned AI features include

  • Summaries of articles and websites in Safari, plus meeting notes, texts, and emails
  • Auto-suggested replies for emails and messages
  • New version of Siri with exact app control and advanced commands
  • AI-assisted code completion in Xcode, like GitHub Copilot
  • Automatic sorting of incoming emails
  • Making custom emojis based on typed words or phrase
  • Automatic voice recording transcription
  • AI-enhanced photo editing to remove people or objects

The AI features are optional and marked as beta. Depending on how complex they are, they run directly on the devices or in the cloud.


Gurman says Apple is using its own AI tools as well as technology from OpenAI, with a focus on safety and privacy in its marketing. A more powerful cloud-based chatbot will likely use OpenAI models.

The star of the WWDC show is likely to be Apple's new Siri. For the first time, users will be able to perform some actions in apps by voice, such as deleting an email or summarizing a news story. The new Siri actions will initially only work in Apple apps.

Apple will try to boost hardware sales, which have been slowing lately, with tons of AI software. Much of the AI inference is done locally, so the new features require an iPhone 15 Pro, an iPad, and a Mac with at least an M1 chip.

Apple reportedly doesn't want to show off any focused AI capabilities like image or video generation for now, and it's not expected to show off any new hardware at WWDC.

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  • According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple will announce extensive AI features for iPhone, iPad and Mac, called "Apple Intelligence," at its WWDC developer conference on Monday.
  • Planned AI features include automatic summaries, suggested answers, a revamped version of Siri with more precise app control, AI-powered code completion, email categorization, custom emoji creation, voice recording transcription, and AI-powered photo editing.
  • Powered by a combination of Apple's own AI tools and OpenAI technology, the features run locally on devices or in the cloud, depending on their complexity, and require an iPhone 15 Pro, iPad or Mac with at least an M1 chip.
Online journalist Matthias is the co-founder and publisher of THE DECODER. He believes that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the relationship between humans and computers.
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