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Charisma AI is a platform for creating believable and lifelike characters for interactive storytelling, both for video games and as early mood boards for movies, novels, and other fictional products.

The platform provides an easy-to-use interface for creating high-quality virtual experiences and beings without writing code. Its primary function is to enable controllable conversations and audience interactions in a variety of settings, including entertainment, education, and training.

I’ve not seen an AI product on the market like this.

Key features of Charisma AI

Charisma AI is built on a conversation engine. It supports a wide range of AI voices, allows for contextual interaction among characters, and includes speech recognition for audience interaction​.


One use case would be to create virtual worlds and environments in the Metaverse or in AR experiences such as Apple’s new Vision Pro.

It’s essentially a no-code sandbox for game development with characters they call "truly intelligent NPCs."

Emotion and Memory

With Charisma AI, characters can display emotions and retain memories, adding depth to the story. Characters' personalities can shine through and their emotions can influence their reactions, making key moments in the story more memorable and replayable.

In-game memories can change how the story unfolds, making experiences feel more alive and influenceable​.

Natural Language and analytics

One of the standout features of Charisma AI is its natural language capability. There's no prompting or special syntax to learn; if you can write English, then you can write into Charisma.


In addition, Charisma tracks conversations in real-time and provides analytics in the story editor, allowing creators to refine storylines based on what audiences like.

The technology behind Charisma AI

Charisma does not rely on a pre-existing language model like GPT-4. Instead, it uses its own trained language model, the details of which are proprietary and undisclosed. Recently, the company has partnered with UneeQ's digital humans/avatars to create a seamless marketing experience when customers interact with a company, such as asking for feedback.

Charisma AI's pricing structure

For those interested in creating interactive stories outside of the Charisma mobile app, a developer license is required. The app operates on a credit system that is charged for in-game interaction events.

Credit bundles can be purchased at prices ranging from $63 for 20,000 events to $350 for 160,000 events. This makes it largely unaffordable for the average casual user.

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The minds behind Charisma AI

Charisma AI is the brainchild of Guy Gadney and John Whitney, who together founded To Play For, the company behind the Charisma AI platform. The company is based in the historic university city of Oxford, UK. They have combined expertise in digital media, games and interactive storytelling.

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  • Charisma AI is an innovative platform that allows users to create lifelike characters for interactive storytelling in video games, movies, and other media without writing code, focusing on controllable conversations and audience interactions.
  • Key features of Charisma AI include a conversation engine with a wide range of AI voices, speech recognition, natural language capabilities, and the ability for characters to display emotions and retain memories, enriching the overall gaming or storytelling experience.
  • The platform operates on a credit system and is geared towards developers and professionals rather than casual users. It also works with UneeQ's digital humans/avatars for seamless marketing experiences.
Journalist and published fiction author Harry is leveraging AI tools to bring his stories to life in new ways. He is currently working on making the first entirely AI generated movies from his novels and has a serialised story newsletter illustrated by Midjourney.
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