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With ChatGPT, founders can turn their idea into money without much programming knowledge - at least in this example.

Using ChatGPT or other AI models, especially those for text generation, to maximize one's assets is neither a new nor a rare idea.

Just recently, a Twitter user created a real hype under the keyword HustleGPT by assigning ChatGPT to develop a business idea and make all other strategic decisions, acting only as an executor.

In this case, the idea came from a human - but ChatGPT played a crucial role in its implementation. Entrepreneur Ihor Stefurak had the idea to develop a Chrome extension that would make the AI tool accessible from any text field on a web page. The problem was that Stefurak had never programmed such an extension before. So he turned to ChatGPT for help.


From nothing to prototype in ten hours

It all started with a very simple command that roughly outlined the function of the extension. There was no mention of a connection to ChatGPT. Instead, the extension was divided into separate components. The first one is: Monitor when users type // in a text field and display a success message.

In total, Stefaruk spent about ten hours with ChatGPT on the first day to develop a working prototype. By that time, ChatGPT had written the code for three JavaScript files, one HTML file, and one JSON file.

ChatGPT developed a working project in just 10 hours. I played the role of prompt engineer. Was it easy? Somewhat. Can a non-tech person do it? Yes, if they understand the code. Can a human developer do it faster and better? Undoubtedly.

Ihor Stefaruk on Twitter

Soon after, Stefaruk was offering his software for sale on a specially created website called, $19 for a lifetime license of /ai. Within the first 24 hours, he made $1,000 in sales.

About three weeks have passed since then. Now the founder announces that he has sold his micro startup through Unfortunately, he does not mention an exact amount, but considering the minimal expenses for ChatGPT Plus, the website, and the payment service provider, he should be well in the black.

The fact that his simple idea has made it this far is largely due to the attention he was able to draw to his project. "The day after the launch, I saw many makers trying to capitalize on the same idea without success. The entry barrier was low, but grabbing attention was crucial. I had a story to share, and it made all the difference."


Code less, market more

The choice of channel is also important, he says. Many of his competitors rely solely on Twitter, where the AI community is particularly active. /ai ended up in well-known newsletters, but Stefaruk also made contact with TikTok influencers and the media. Not to mention search engine optimization (SEO).

"The ideal indie team should consist of a tech expert and a marketer," Stefaruk says. "ChatGPT served as my CTO, but I had to write prompts, which kept me from going all-in on marketing."

After getting attention for his tool, he had to make a difficult decision: expand, sell, or quit. He decided to sell because while developing /ai he already had many ideas for his next project. In this project, ChatGPT will surely play a central role again.

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  • A startup founder came up with the idea for a tool whose code was entirely written by ChatGPT.
  • Within a very short time, the project attracted a lot of attention.
  • Now the founder has successfully sold it.
Jonathan works as a technology journalist who focuses primarily on how easily AI can already be used today and how it can support daily life.
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