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OpenAI has launched new programs to make its AI tools more accessible to universities and nonprofit organizations.

ChatGPT Edu for universities

In a blog post, OpenAI announced ChatGPT Edu, a discounted version of ChatGPT's Team or Enterprise plan designed specifically for universities.

ChatGPT Edu is powered by GPT-4o, the latest multimodal model, and includes features like data analysis, web browsing, and document summarization. Universities can also create custom GPTs and share them within their work environments.

OpenAI developed ChatGPT Edu based on the experiences of universities like Oxford, Wharton, and Columbia, which have used ChatGPT Enterprise as a personalized tutoring system, for CV reviews, scholarship applications, and grading, the company says.


ChatGPT Edu offers more administrative control and better data protection than consumer plans, as call and usage data is not used to train OpenAI models.

ChatGPT Teams starts at $25 per user per month. OpenAI hasn't revealed the price of ChatGPT Edu, but it's likely lower.

Interested educational institutions should contact OpenAI directly. OpenAI also has a help page with useful prompt examples for teachers.

OpenAI's main competition here is Google, which is already well established in US classrooms thanks to its Chromebooks. Google recently introduced LearnLM, a language model optimized for educational use on Chromebooks.

OpenAI for Nonprofits Initiative

Along with ChatGPT Edu, OpenAI has launched OpenAI for Nonprofits to make its tools available to nonprofit organizations.


Under this new program, nonprofits can get ChatGPT Team at a discounted price of $20 per user per month, while larger nonprofits can get ChatGPT Enterprise at a 50% discount.

OpenAI shared examples of how nonprofits are already using ChatGPT to improve their work and productivity.

Serenas, a nonprofit dedicated to ending violence against women and girls in Brazil, has used it to write grant proposals and adapt content to new fundraising templates. The GLIDE Unconditional Legal Clinic uses ChatGPT to provide legal advice to walk-in clients, helping pro bono attorneys provide better assistance in a shorter amount of time.

Interested nonprofits can sign up through OpenAI's website.

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  • OpenAI has announced ChatGPT Edu, a special offer for universities that provides access to a powerful GPT-4-based service with features such as data analysis, web browsing, and document summarization at a discounted price.
  • Universities such as Oxford, Wharton, and Columbia are already using ChatGPT for a variety of tasks, including personalized tutoring, resume review, scholarship application preparation, and even grading. ChatGPT Edu promises additional privacy and administrative control.
  • OpenAI has also launched the "OpenAI for Nonprofits" initiative, which allows nonprofit organizations to use ChatGPT at discounted rates. According to OpenAI, NGOs are already using the tool to create grant applications, customize content, and assist with legal advice.
Jonathan works as a technology journalist who focuses primarily on how easily AI can already be used today and how it can support daily life.
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