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Soon, ChatGPT could learn from your existing chats. This could allow the AI system to become more personal.

OpenAI is preparing a new personalization update for ChatGPT. This was confirmed in mid-November by X account Jush, who found corresponding options in his or her ChatGPT menu.

Web developer Tibor Blaho, who works on the ChatGPT project AIPRM, recently showed additional evidence in the source code. The functions can be found in the HTML under the code name "Sunshine", so Blaho dubbed it "Project Sunshine".

Three new features are central and should be available in the personalization settings:

  • More consistent chats: The GPT account will learn between chats, resulting in more relevant responses, according to OpenAI.
  • Improves over time: The GPT account should become more helpful over time, remembering details and preferences.
  • Memories can be customized: What your GPT model remembers can be easily customized via message. OpenAI mentions "Always write in Python" or "Forget everything about my last project" as sample messages to influence ChatGPT's memory about you. The memory can also be disabled in the settings.
Image: Jush via X

Temporary chats: What happens in the chat stays in the chat

In addition, OpenAI may introduce a temporary chat that works like the previous chats, i.e., the information is only used within the chat window. The temporary chat is available under the model switcher.

Video: Tibor Blaho via LinkedIn

Temporary chat should be especially useful for teams that share an account but do not necessarily work on the same topics all the time. In this case, a cross-chat memory could be confusing. Also, temporary chats do not appear in the chat history, so the data is not used for model training.

For OpenAI, the new way to customize the chatbot is also an opportunity to sell more accounts. It is not yet known when the new feature will be introduced.

According to Blaho, OpenAI is also working on an update for the GPT store, including a search function and a stage for the best custom GPTs. It is known that OpenAI is planning a marketplace for GPTs. The launch was planned for November but was postponed to 2024 due to the turmoil surrounding the dismissal and reinstatement of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.


The idea of long-term storage for ChatGPT isn't new. Back in spring 2023, a developer launched MemoryGPT, a cross-chat memory built on top of the API. The feature fits into OpenAI's overall strategy of making ChatGPT more individualized and customizable, and gradually evolving it into a personal assistant.

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  • OpenAI is preparing a personalization update for ChatGPT that will allow the system to learn from your existing conversations and provide more personalized responses.
  • Three new features are expected to be available under "personalization": more consistent chats, improvement over time, and customizable reminders.
  • In addition, OpenAI will introduce a temporary chat that could be useful for teams that share an account but are not working on the same topics.
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