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Wisebot AI brings the power of chatbots to the legal world, promising to revolutionize law firm workflows.

Create an interactive, intelligent knowledge base

Unlike Chat PDF, WiseBot can handle much larger documents and even multiple documents at once. Users can easily return to their documents and interact with them in a highly interactive way.

The tool works by creating different individual bots with different sets of knowledge based on what is entered. This approach allows professionals in different industries to access and manage their data more efficiently than ever before.

This allows users to keep their knowledge sets trained separately. As we see, chatbots trained on specific data sets can be more accurate and reliable than the one-size-fits-all use case of ChatGPT.


AI transforming the legal industry

WiseBot is particularly beneficial for lawyers, who can now feed the AI tool with thousands of complex documents such as NDAs, contracts, and legal agreements. By asking the AI questions, they can interact with these documents effortlessly, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

A beta version for enterprise-level clients is currently in development, which allows them to draft legal contracts based on user input. This feature could eliminate the need for junior lawyers to spend hours manually drafting contracts, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency.

Some legal use cases:

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Intellectual property agreements 
  • Personalized employment and labor contracts

Another advantage of WiseBot is its ability to make the law more accessible through a ChatGPT-style interface.  This user-friendly interface quickly answers questions on specific laws in easy-to-understand language, eliminating the need for extensive study and research by legal professionals.

Meet the creator of WiseBot, Victor Gebarski

WiseBot was created by Victor Gebarski, a Melbourne lawyer with experience at Wilckens Roche Lawyers and running his social justice law firm, Law and Justice Lawyers.


Recognizing the potential of AI in the legal industry, Gebarski founded Deep Legal in November 2022, which he later expanded into Wisebot, a company dedicated to helping lawyers take advantage of the AI revolution.

"Even a small law firm has tens of thousands of documents," says Gebarski, "but at the moment most of these are in Word documents and it can take time first to locate the document and to scan for the relevant information within it."

The first step is to create the interface for easy interaction in a chat, and the second step is to create new documents from this powerful knowledge base.

WiseBot's public beta and future pricing

Currently, WiseBot offers a free public beta for users to interact with large documents in its database. However, the pricing of the final product will be targeted at corporations and law firms rather than individual users.

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This focus on larger customers ensures that WiseBot will continue to evolve and improve as an indispensable tool for legal professionals and other industries alike.

WiseBot has the potential to revolutionize the legal industry with its unique combination of ChatGPT and WiseBot technologies. By simplifying the process of working with complex documents and providing an interactive, intelligent knowledge base, WiseBot and similar tools are poised to change the way legal professionals work and interact with the law.

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  • WiseBot combines ChatGPT with its own technologies to revolutionize data interaction and simplify legal processes.
  • It streamlines contract drafting and legal research with an intuitive ChatGPT-style interface.
  • WiseBot is being developed by Melbourne lawyer Victor Gebarski for corporations and law firms. It is currently available as a free public beta.
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