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Gaming platform Roblox aims to bring generative AI to creators with Roblox Assistant.


At the Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) 2023, Roblox unveiled a new AI assistant that creatives can interact with via a chat interface to help them create new game experiences. Roblox started as a video game, evolved into a gaming platform, and now has more than 65 million daily active users, surpassing even Fortnite.

Both platforms focus their strategy on user-created gaming experiences. The use of generative AI to create new digital worlds and experiences is seen as central by Roblox, Epic Games, but also Meta, and Nvidia.

Virtual environments and asset placement using simple prompts

The AI assistant is expected to use simple prompts to create virtual environments and place assets.


In a demo, the company showed how the assistant responds to the prompt "I want to make a game set in ancient ruins" by placing some appropriate assets in the game world. With further instructions, the assistant places a campfire with a chair next to it as a spawn point for players, as well as some nearby trees to chop down.


Assets can be sourced from the Roblox Marketplace or from your own library.

Support for programming and development questions

In addition to placing assets, the Roblox AI Assistant will also help with programming, similar to ChatGPT - but specialized for Roblox. In addition to generating code for simple game mechanics, it will also answer development questions about Roblox.

This should make it easier for creative people to get started - and further establish Roblox as a gaming platform.


Roblox Assistant to generate 3D models and complex gameplay loops in the future

In the future, Roblox plans to expand the assistant's capabilities to generate more complex gameplay loops and 3D models. To do that, the company also plans to use users' code to train the AI with their permission.

The Roblox Assistant will not take any work away from developers, according to a Roblox spokesperson. He believes that generative AI will reduce developers' dependence on specific technical skills and allow them to spend more time on the creative process.

Roblox gets AI avatars and AI moderation

In addition to the Roblox Assistant, the company has announced other AI features, including an AI tool for creating avatars from an image and text template, and AI-powered moderation.

With the quick launch of the assistant on a platform like Roblox, the company may now have a data advantage in the race to provide useful AI assistants for the creative process in 3D worlds.

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  • Roblox introduced an AI assistant at the Roblox Developers Conference 2023 to help creators develop new game experiences by using simple prompts to create virtual environments and place assets.
  • The AI Assistant is designed to help with programming specifically within the Roblox platform, generating code and answering development questions to help creators get started.
  • Future capabilities of the assistant include generating complex gameplay loops and 3D models, with Roblox looking to use users' code for AI training. AI avatars and AI moderation are also in the works.
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