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Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that utilizes GPT 3.5 to produce copy for websites and blog posts that are SEO optimized.

Jasper Modes

Jasper's latest features include three different modes in the editor, Focus mode, Chat mode, and Power mode.

Focus Mode

Focus mode offers input options to improve content quality, including the ability to customize the tone of voice and optimize for SEO by adding up to three keywords.

Chat Mode

Chat mode is designed for brainstorming and can respond to a range of topics, from describing a character’s personality to writing about a specific topic, rephrasing a paragraph, or creating a meta description.


Power Mode

Power mode gives access to all of these workflows and is a premium feature.


Jasper's main selling point is that it's not a blank slate like ChatGPT. It uses templates to cover a wide range of content creation needs, from blog posts, ads, and social media posts to persuasive emails.

These templates create exactly the type of content that users need, rather than requiring a user to prompt the AI, which can lead to inconsistent results.

For example, I used a template to create blogs using the AIDA format: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is a common framework that starts with a hook and ends with a call to action.

There are templates for creating ads, blog components, e-commerce product descriptions, emails, social media content, YouTube video scripts, and website content.



Jasper recently moved from a credit-based system to three new plans. Creator, Teams, and Business, all of which offer unlimited AI-generated words at no additional cost.

The Creator plan is designed for freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs and costs $49/month for a single user. The Teams plan is designed for small teams and starts at $125/month for up to three users, with an additional $62/month for each additional user up to 10.

The Business plan is customizable and tailored for larger teams, departments, and organizations that need a scalable AI platform. In my opinion, the pricing does not give value for money as Jasper does not do enough to differentiate it from Chat GPT, especially since they still use GPT 3.5 as one of their models.

How does Jasper compare to ChatGPT and Bing Chat?

The biggest question for anyone considering using Jasper AI is how it compares to ChatGPT, which is significantly cheaper and uses GPT 4, which has greater reasoning power.

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The most significant difference is that Jasper is designed and built for marketing, whereas ChatGPT and Bing have almost infinite use cases, although Jasper does have a chat service.

The keyword ranking feature means that Jasper can automatically help users rank for specific keywords in their niche with minimal effort.

The Future of SEO

However, there is another key question that budding marketers need to ask when deciding what the future of SEO is. Chat may soon be the default search instead of Google, and this will ultimately change the way users search for information.

The Founders

The founders of Jasper AI are Afshin Moazami, Dave Rogenmoser, Farzad Qassemi, John Philip Morgan, and Omid Aminfar.

Dave Rogenmoser, who currently resides in Texas, brings his marketing expertise to Jasper AI after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Kansas.

Afshin Moazami is a software engineer based in Montreal, Canada, with a background in Salesforce and an education from Concordia University.

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  • Jasper AI uses GPT-3.5 to create SEO-optimized content. It offers pricing models for individual users, teams, and enterprises.
  • Focus, chat, and power modes provide different editing capabilities.
  • Multiple templates are available for different content creation needs.
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